This Week’s Sweet and Funny Jessie Moments

Jessie is more quiet when we’re out in public and everyone doesn’t get to see the funny side of Jessie.  Some of the time, the funniest things of all are when she is dead serious.  This week I decided to share a couple of sweet and funny Jessie moments.

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“Down syndromes don’t have to feed the dog.”

It’s Jessie’s job to feed our dog and cats.  One day last week as we walked in carrying groceries, I noticed the dog didn’t have any food.  As we were coming in the door she had been telling me something she planned to do.  I didn’t want her to get busy and forget so I told Jessie that the first thing she needed to do was feed the dog.  She walked from the front door to the kitchen table, and having had a moment to think she said, “Down syndromes don’t have to feed the dog.”  Say what??

First of all, I want to clarify that “Down syndromes” is just one evidence of the quirky way Jessie sometimes combines or leaves out words NOT anything she has heard someone say!

In our family, we’ve always talked about Jessie having Down syndrome in the same way we might say she has brown eyes.  As opportunities arise naturally, like when she’s trying to figure out if her classmates from church (who don’t have a disability) can play Miracle League baseball, she’s been learning that she has Down syndrome but the rest of us in our house, or in her class at church, don’t.  She doesn’t, at this point, really understand much of what having Down syndrome means, she just knows it’s something that she has.

Partly because we’re active in our “Down syndrome group” and other ways that she hears the word, I think she is starting to try to piece together what it means.  I think it was smart of her to try to use it to her advantage, even if it didn’t work.

She did, indeed, Down syndrome and all, have to feed the dog.  But good try, Jessie, that was smart of you trying to use DS to get out of your responsibilities.

Sharing some of the sweet and funny highlights from our week.  This week Jessie 1) tried to use Down syndrome to get out of her responsibilities and 2) campaigned to have us give the rest of the money she needed to buy a game she desperately wanted.  She presented her case and won us over.

Jessie’s campaign to get the new WWE game. 

Jessie LOVES WWE, particularly the Divas (female wrestlers).  Each year, at this same time of year, WWE comes out with a new game.  WWE 2K19 came out about a month ago and it has been killing Jessie that she didn’t have it yet.  She has gotten the game every year since 2015.  She is pretty much obsessed with getting the new game and if she doesn’t pre-order it her obsession ramps up with each passing day after it is released.

Jessie has been saving her allowance and had $40 of the $60 cost of the game.  When we counted her money a couple of days ago, I had told her that she needed 20 more dollars.  From her experience with earning and spending allowance, she knows 20 dollars isn’t nothing and she also knows it isn’t huge (like 100 dollars).  She realized the amount she still needed wasn’t a completely unreasonable amount to ask us for.  It was on; the begging began.

One of the benefits of kids’ earning allowance is that you get to say “Do you have enough money?”, and “You have to spend YOUR money”.  Whether they have the money for a desired item is on them instead of you and with practice it eliminates most of the begging that I remember from the time before our kids began to earn allowance.  We don’t often buy games etc, because if we do, it eliminates the need for kids to earn what they want.  Why do your chores if your parents will buy what you want anyway?

Jessie has been learning about working and saving and spending.  I’m so proud of the progress she has made.  It isn’t unreasonable to ever give her something she wants as long as she mostly has to work for what she wants.  I was already considering us giving her the rest of the money before she began what I can only call her campaign.

She began with talking about how badly she wanted the game.  Daily. And telling me which wrestlers were in it and all the details I don’t really wanna know.

A couple of days ago we looked it up on Amazon to make sure of the price before we counted her money and she told me to “click it where it says buy now with 1 click”.

Yesterday we went to the fair on Special Citizens Day.  It had rained and everything was wet and they didn’t open the rides.  She was disappointed and told me since she didn’t get to ride we needed to go to the fair the next day.  Everything in me did not want to go back to the fair the next day.   I reminded her that last year she didn’t really enjoy riding so I didn’t want to go back to the fair again and spend money when I didn’t think she enjoyed enough to be worth the money I would spend.  She looked sad for a minute, then quickly informed me that it would make her feel better if I instead gave her the money for her game.  Smart thinking Jessie, and I would much rather give you $20 for the game than spend way more and come home with tired, aching  feet.

Then, last night she sent me this series of 3 texts.

I was busy and when I didn’t answer in a few minutes she came to check and see if I had read them.  When I told her I had read them but couldn’t think about it right now, she went into the bedroom where daddy was watching tv to work on him.

She plead her case to daddy.  Daddy was sympathetic and said he would talk to mama about it.  She came back a little later and when daddy hadn’t yet talked to mama, she got upset.  To which daddy responded that if she acted like that he wouldn’t talk to mama.  She was repentant and tried to be patient.

As soon as daddy started “talking to mama” about it I could tell he had been won over.  Which was okay because I had been too.  I ordered the game on Amazon and told Jessie it  should be here Friday.  Jessie’s first words to me this morning were asking if today was Friday.

Our kids of all ages (even those that are grown up), keep our life interesting and fun.

Amidst the usual housework, taking Jessie to all her stuff, physical therapy (for me) and phone calls about finding her new glasses that fit better (after an admonition from her eye dr.), these are the sweet and funny moments that make our life interesting and more fun.  I love them and I love her.

Some of my favorite things on social media are reading about the sweet and funny things our kids do (with or without Down syndrome).  I would love it if you would comment with a sweet or funny moment from your week.  I will look forward to it 🙂

Till next week,


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    1. Persistent, that’s the word! Jessie is so persistent. Sometimes it’s a good thing and sometimes not quite so much 😂

      1. IKR! Amber is so young that her drive is for sweets… but other times she just needs reassurance that the schedule is going to be the same. She will ask and repeat and remind and ask – every few minutes. It is a lesson in patience and love for us – but I wouldn’t change it.

  1. This was fun. I especially like that you’re from my hometown, so I know exactly what fair you are referring to, and I know alll about special citizen’s day because my sister used to go every year. No, strike that, she still probably goes every year. But when she turned 28, my mother and father were no longer physically or emotionally able to continue her care, so she lives in a group home with 5 other special citizens who require full-on care. My sister cannot walk, talk, see, or think the way we can, so she’s on a lower level of functioning than Jess, but she too goes to that special day at the fair. I still LOVE the fair myself, and I got to take my husband last year because we happened to be in the area. I miss it!!! The “down syndrome’s don’t have to feed the dog” made me laugh out loud. I had to share that one with Alan.

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