Our Favorite and Most Practical Gifts Christmas 2016

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Quite frequently our favorite gifts are gadgets.   And often they’re something I think is practical as well.  This year is no different.  Here are 4 of our favorites this year.

Tile Mate Key Finder $24.99 for one $69.99 for four                                                                            It is a well known fact/joke/ annoyance how frequently I misplace my keys. There are just a few places that I routinely put them 🙂 They’re never truly lost, I just run late finding them.  I’m quite excited about this gift from Jay.  If you have your keys, you can find your phone, if you have your phone, you can find your keys! I constantly carry my phone around the house and lay it down in whatever room I’m in.  I love gadgets but I’m a total non-techie so I told Jay that with the gift comes set up!  He bought just the one tile (one set of keys/phone) but there are sets with 4 tiles that give a price break per tile, if you have multiple drivers in your home.  We decided to try just the one for now, but they can also be used to find anything you attach the tile to, not just keys.  Pretty cool.  I love it!

Milk Frother
Both of my adult children drink coffee, so I thought this milk frother would be a neat gift. I can’t wait to try it myself!  It’s on sale right now for just $6.49.  It’s battery operated, and one reviewer said they used theirs every day for 2 months and hadn’t needed to replace the batteries yet. Reviews said there was nothing to the clean up, they just rinsed it off after using.  So, I ordered two of them.  With Amazon, prices can change at anytime, so if you want this one, move quickly to get that great price.

Pioneer Woman Cookbook Since my Jordan got married 4 months ago, she has been learning to cook.  Her hubby is in school right now, so she more often cooks; but they also enjoy cooking together.  I recently made her a cook book of her favorite of the recipes we make at home.  I will share that DIY later.  She has also been looking for new recipes so I hoped she would enjoy this Pioneer Woman cookbook.  I was a little afraid she would think of it as a “work” tool and not a fun gift, but I was happy that not only did she love it but Josh was equally excited about it.  They spent a while looking through it Christmas Day, thinking about what they might like to make.  This is the most recent Pioneer Woman cookbook.  All of her cookbooks have gorgeous photography and she is very practical, not a lot of frou frou.  Hint, hint to my reading husband, I would love to have any of her cookbooks as well.  Jordan and Josh both also liked that it included some time-saving prep tips.  They’re such cute little newlyweds.

Glasses holder  I didn’t know what Jessie would think of this gift, but I knew it would be helpful. She LOVES it!  She mostly would lay her glasses face up, so they wouldn’t get scratched, but she has still ended up with some scratches.  I hope this will help prevent scratches in the future.  She keeps this on her night stand.

Those are some of our favorites.  If you have a favorite practical gift or gadget you purchased or received recently, please share in the comments.  We have some birthdays coming up soon!