Trouble sticking with a Bible Reading Plan? This little trick is helping me.

I have always had a hard time sticking with a Bible reading plan that isn’t tied to a group Bible study that gives me built in accountability.  I’ve already confided I have difficulty sticking with a meal plan.  I kind of have difficulty sticking with a lot of systems.  I try something for a while and then end up switching to something else.  Sigh.  I’m telling on myself a lot here.

For people who don’t homeschool, when they know you do, they make all kinds of complimentary assumptions about you (in my experience) that may or may not be true. Now, that might not be true for the average stranger, but for the person you meet and get to know a little bit, often it is.  My kids that have graduated were intelligent and kind and they had good manners most of the time.  Folks could see that we were probably doing okay with this homeschooling thing.

People have tended to assume I must be pretty organized.  I am in some areas and in others I’m a complete mess.  When I try to tell others you don’t have to be perfect in all these areas to homeschool, they think I’m being modest.  I’m not.  It’s true.

They assume too that you must be super patient.  Sometimes I am.  Sometimes I have acted out in ways that my children (Evan mainly) like to tell on me.

There are areas in my life where I lack follow through.

If I commit to a PERSON I keep my word and if I’ve committed I do what I say.

I was telling Jordan (my oldest, daughter) I wish I had been better at passing down certain skills that I simply don’t possess.  When we were talking about that (and I had shared with her my upbringing in the early years) she once said, ” Well, mama, it’s just a good thing you weren’t raising us on beer and twinkies!”  Laughingly.  Forgivingly.  She knows her mama isn’t perfect, but that I perfectly love her and she’s content with that.

Now, I wasn’t raised on beer and twinkies either, so don’t get to thinking that.  You can read about my early life here.  But, I wasn’t raised with a lot of consistency, certainly not home organization and meal planning.  My dad did teach me how to cook some things and how to clean.  And I look back very fondly on some of those memories.  But, like me, it was all sporadic.  Maybe it’s genetic 🙂

In talking with one of my best friends recently, I wondered out loud if I would be better organized and able to stick with a plan better if I had learned that from a mother.  She said no, she didn’t think so.  So there goes that theory.

Of all the things I’ve done and haven’t done, stuck with and haven’t stuck with, I’ve never read my Bible straight through.  I feel confident that I’ve read every book.  Some many times.  I’ve done this Bible study and that one.  For a number of years I did most all the Beth Moore in depth studies.  If you haven’t, those are SO good!  But I haven’t ever stuck with reading the Bible through.  I really want to this time.

I’ve tried the Bible reading plans on paper.  I would have them stuck in my Bible and manage to lose them.  I’ve done one other online thing.  That app stopped working.

What I’m using right now is the She Reads Truth app.  I know, it has been around several years now and a lot of people use it.  There are different plans, Bible studies and even lock screens to help with memorization.  Many are free, some have a cost.  I’m using the Bible In a Year Plan and it’s free.  You just download the app, go to plans and choose Bible in a Year.

How it works is it shows you the current month’s readings.  You can read ahead and if you get behind you can work to catch up.  You “tap” at the bottom to mark it read.

The crazy little thing that is helping me is that it shows what % you have completed.  Yep.  That’s it.  That’s the trick.

See, it always feels like I will never get there, like I will never finish.  When I saw that 1% pop up, it’s crazy how good that felt to know that I had made progress that I could measure.  Ya’ll, I’ve been in the book of Numbers, and seeing the percentage of completion rise has been helpful.  I’m only at 3% but I’m hopeful that tracking my progress might help me stick with it.  If I don’t I’ll just start again, but I hope I can.

When I had a smaller phone screen I didn’t prefer to read my Bible on the small screen.  I now have the Iphone 7 plus.  When I pulled it out the other day my nephew said, ” Is that a laptop?”  Haha.  I need reading glasses and the big screen makes it so much more pleasant to read from.

So, if you need a new plan to try, you might check out She Reads Truth app.  Lots of choices.  If you need to be able to track your progress and see when you’re getting close to your goal, maybe it will help you.  If not, you probably grew closer to the Lord while you were reading.  That’s the real goal.  To learn more of Him.  If we belong to Him, that always results in praise and closer relationship.

I thank God for the beautiful, peaceful time I was able to sit outside and read my Bible with coffee this morning.  “For he knows how we are formed, he remembers that we are dust.”  Psalm 103:14.  This verse came to me as I was thinking that even if I fail at this goal, this isn’t the measurement of my worth to Him.  The same is true for you.  He loves me (you!)  in all my failings.  I’m thankful.

Have a beautiful day!