Last Week We Had a Little iPhone Misadventure

Sooooo, last week we had a little iPhone problem.

Jessie brought me her phone to put in the passcode. She had already obviously tried several times because the screen said the phone was locked for 5 minutes before she could try again.

I was drawing a complete blank on a passcode for her phone.  I tried a couple of possibilities of what I thought I would have set it to be.  Finally I thought, wait, we don’t have a passcode to get into Jessie’s phone.  I purposely didn’t set one. 

With each time that we’re getting locked out, Jessie’s emotions are ramping up.  She cried such that you would have thought someone had died.  Although she so loves her phone and hates to ever be without it, she’s not usually quite so dramatic.  Her excessive emotion was explained when she woke up the next morning with terrible cramps.  Obviously, her hormones had her feelin’ a little extra.

So, at first I thought this was an iPhone fluke.  It has somehow set a passcode on the phone.  I’m thinking this is the kind of thing that only happens to us.  I’m googling all sorts of things  and trying to figure out what in the world could be going on.

I tried all the possible passcodes I could think of.  It locked us out for 5 minutes a few times, then 15 minutes, then an hour.  Somewhere in the middle of all this, I asked Jessie some questions because I just couldn’t understand why it was asking her for a passcode at all.

Jessie tries to tell me the passcode is her phone number.  No, it isn’t baby, you don’t have a passcode.  I thought she was remembering when one of her siblings had part of their phone number as their passcode.

Welllllll, it turns out we were being asked for a passcode cause Jessie had decided to set one.  She went into settings and set up a passcode.  Which she did not write down.

She said the passcode was her phone number.  She had looked up her phone number in her contacts.  The passcode is 6 digits while her phone number is 7.  I tried the first 6 numbers before I was locked out for an HOUR.  It progressed eventually to the point it said we had to connect to iTunes in order to unlock.

We don’t have iTunes on a computer or own a computer that you can install iTunes on.  I use a Chromebook for blogging and it’s currently our only laptop in the house.  Chromebook and iTunes won’t work together.

When Apple online chat says they’ll be with you in about 2 minutes,   DO NOT BELIEVE THEM.    Also, don’t reload your page wondering if there has been a problem when it’s taking forever.  It was 10:40 one of the times that  I requested apple online chat support and it was supposed to be available until 11 our time.  It continued to say they would be with me in about 2 minutes till way after 11.  I gave up for the night.

Jessie always uses her phone as her alarm clock.  She sets one alarm for wake up time and a 2nd one for a few minutes later so she can watch a video before she gets out of bed.  She was NOT happy that her bedtime (setting her alarms and charging her phone) and wake up routines were disrupted.

When I questioned Jessie as to why she set a passcode on her phone, she said she hadn’t liked that I had read her texts and Facebook messages earlier in the day.  Further questioning revealed she was afraid she was going to get in trouble.  She has never sent or received any inappropriate messages.  She has only gotten in trouble for continuing to text or call when someone doesn’t answer back.  I can always tell by her facial expression that Jessie is concerned/doesn’t like it when I read her texts or messages.

Sigh.  I had set other parental controls on her phone but this wasn’t a scenario that had occurred to me.

I called Apple Support the next morning and someone was able to walk me through a solution.  Because we had enabled Find My iPhone, I was able to find the phone on my laptop and erase the phone and start completely over.  When looking at  iCloud we thought that her phone wasn’t backed up at all, but her pictures appeared later so evidently I had just the pictures set to back up.

We had to add back all her contacts.  I will change the back up on her phone so that in the future the contacts will get backed up.  Although I have more things backed up on my phone, most of what she uses her phone for isn’t necessary to keep or pay the storage fee.  I do still need to see about getting back an app that I had paid $15 for.

When I was re-setting up her phone, the option to set a passcode came up.  Jessie said, “Don’t mama, don’t.”  She found being locked out of her phone so traumatic that I don’t think we’ll have to worry about that particular issue happening again.

Someday, this incident will probably be funny, but this ain’t that day 🙂

The iPhone is restored and Jessie’s life is good again.

Hope you’re having a great week!


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