DIY Thrift Store Lamp Makeover

When I found this lamp at a thrift store, I instantly loved the detail of the metal. I love how it has clean lines, but isn’t plain. I LOVE it. I bought the lamp for $8.

Ummm, that shade though. The shade was atrocious, and had to go asap! I have it in my to-be-donated box. Someone else shopping in the store at the same time said they thought it could be made over in a cute way.

As soon as I saw the lamp, I pictured the metal spray painted a creamy white. I originally thought I would add an antiquing wax, but once it was painted I loved it and decided to leave it the clean and creamy color without the antiquing wax.

The lamp before. Oh my goodness, that shade. On the other side was a little snowman.
With the shade off I just needed to tape the electrical part at the top to protect it from the paint.

I used this Rust-Oleum satin finish paint in Heirloom White.

Since our oldest got married, for the first time in I don’t know how many years, we have a guest room. I painted this room last year but haven’t put the finishing touches on the room.

It is currently, I think, my favorite room in our house. It doubles as a space I can work on my blog without being distracted by seeing dirty dishes or laundry that needs to be done. I close the door and sometimes turn a box fan on low to muffle the sounds outside the room for a little peace and quiet.

This is my desk (a small adjustable table from Sam’s). I enjoy this little spot with a view out the window.

I knew I wanted to use the lamp somewhere in this room. As soon as Buddy hears me open the door he runs in to get in the window.

I wish I had taken a picture of the shade before I painted it! I thought I had. It was the right size and shape but printed with a floral pattern that didn’t match the room. It was just $2 at the same thrift store.

I had seen painted lamp shades online, and the shade was fabric, so I felt it would accept paint well.

Initially, I planned to paint it a solid color. As I kept looking at the colors in the curtain to match it, I decided to try to duplicate one of the flowers in the curtain (which is actually a shower curtain from T J Maxx). If it didn’t turn out in a way I was happy with, I would just paint over it again.

This is the curtain with the flower I was copying. I took a picture of it and looked at it while I was painting/copying the design.

First, I practiced drawing the flower on paper with markers.

Then I practiced the design with paints on card stock.

I first painted the shade a solid light gray then drew on the white flowers then filled them in. I used acrylic craft paints, Apple Barrel brand (50 cents each at Walmart). Some of the colors required a little mixing to get the shade I wanted to match the colors in the curtain.

I’m happy with how it turned out. I may add more flowers with a little yellow later, or some little flourishes.

A friend who enjoys painting advised me to stop while I was happy with it and wait a couple of days to decide whether to add more to the design. I decided to take her advice. If I make any changes later I will share those too.

I hope to finish some some other projects for this room to share soon. I’m enjoying that the summer gives me extra time to work on house projects.

What are you working on? Hope you’re having a great summer!


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