DIY: Sparkle Up Your Plain Ole OtterBox

This was so super easy and fun!  When Jessie inherited my old phone, it needed a new case, and we were afraid to get anything but the very protective OtterBox Defender.  In fact, I use that kind of case myself as I am prone to drop my phone.

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Jessie saw sparkly and pretty ones when we looked on Amazon but we went with the pink OtterBox.  She was sweet about it but she was a little disappointed.

I had originally seen this idea when I got my own OtterBox.  I too had wanted a case I thought was prettier and I had googled how to fancy up my case but decided this was a little bit of a young look for me.

We watched this YouTube video together first. We followed her instructions.  We wiped the case first with a cotton ball with polish remover, to clean it and make the polish adhere well.

We used three different sparkly nail polishes.  We painted each coat and let it dry.  It dried quickly, then we added the next layer.  We had gotten out all 3 colors but I didn’t think we would actually use them all.  After each coat though, we weren’t quite satisfied with the look until we had used all three.

Jessie adding the second layer, the larger gold glitter.  It was still looking kind of plain at this point.  Yes, she is wearing pajamas and has wet from the shower hair. We always seem to get started on something when it is time to go to bed :). My sweet girl was so self conscious when she saw her bald spot in this picture. She decided it was ok for me to use it, but the “bald spot” makes her sad and self conscious.
Each of the polishes we used is a clear polish with floating sparkles in it. After the first polish, clear with pink and purple sparkles it was still pretty plain.   The gold was larger glitter and we liked what that added.  But it didn’t feel perfect quite yet.

Jessie was able to to do the back of the phone case and I did the sides.  It is important on the back of the case to keep the strokes going the same direction and I just needed to remind her a couple of times.

After a couple of coats she wanted me to finish it but she sat with me and we still enjoyed the project together and talking while we worked.

The third and last polish had silver and blue sparkles.  Blue is Jessie’s favorite color.  It finally looked “filled in”  and not plain.   Then we added a clear top coat . It is best to let it dry really well before handling.  We have one slightly smudged place because she was antsy to set her alarm clock before going to bed.

Jessie absolutely loved it!   She no longer feels there are prettier cases out there. She loves her case now AND mama feels good about the phone being protected.

It’s a win, win.   Mama’s happy and Jessie is happy.

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