DIY Dollar Tree Mirror Makeover

This was such a simple DIY I almost didn’t make a blog post for it.  If I had just shared on social media, it wouldn’t show up on the blog in the DIY section though, so here you go.

I was inspired to think about Dollar Tree mirrors differently because of a project Passionate Penny Pincher shared.  I can’t find her mirror project to link to, but she has a section on her blog of DIY projects using Dollar Tree materials.  She has a section called Friday fluff ups worth checking out too.  Even when Laurie isn’t using Dollar tree materials, all of her projects are “penny pinched” and she has lots of good ideas.

Okay, on to the Dollar Tree mirror.  Because this mirror is small, I might have liked to use 2 or three of them hung together, or as part of a gallery wall, but I bought the last one they had that day.

We have 3 different Dollar Trees not too far from me, so if you have more than one Dollar Tree, you might check multiple locations when looking for specific items.  One year I found stocking holders I liked and had to go to more than one store to find enough of the matching ones I wanted.

This is what it looked like before, and with the rest of the day’s dollar tree haul in the background 😬[[[[[[
I didn’t hate the original finish, it just wasn’t exactly what I wanted.

I covered the mirror with masking tape to protect it from the paint.

I used this Rustoleum spray chalk paint. I think it took 3 coats to get inside all those little cracks. When I went to paint a coat from the back, to more easily access some of the crooks and crannies, I almost messed the whole thing up.

I think the first coat wasn’t dry enough to be turned upside down.  When I sprayed a coat of paint from the back, the front wanted to slide a little (not even a true drip, it was kinda crazy).   It wasn’t dry enough to lay it on the paper, so I put a block of styrofoam underneath the actual mirror part (that wasn’t being painted),  to hold it off the ground when I painted the back soon after I had painted the front.   I was able to smooth it out , but be careful if you paint from the back side after painting the front.

The smarter thing would be to wait until the front side is completely dry to the touch before painting the back, but I never do that.  Yes, I’m a little impatient and sometimes that’s a problem.

I love how it turned out!  The mirror is small, so it doesn’t function much like a mirror (can’t see much in it), but I like that it adds a little something different to a photo grouping.

I didn’t have to use the whole can of paint, so I have some left for another thrift store or Dollar Tree find in the future.

I don’t know if this is where it will stay, but I kind of like it here.

I tried it on our foyer wall and although I decided not to leave it there, I love how the color popped against the terra-cotta colored wall.

Now that the last of Jessie’s camps are over, our summer will be slower paced. I’ve gotten some paint samples and taped them to Jessie’s walls and hope we can make a decision and repaint her room sometime this summer. It’s one of the many things on the list for the summer. But, it’s at the top of the list so hopefully I will follow through.

I hope you’re enjoying your summer! I hope it includes floating in a pool, reading books, spending time with friends and being creative. Well, those are MY favorite things; I hope your summer is full of whatever refreshes and inspires you. We all need a dose of that!

If you’ve been crafting or doing some DIY I would love to see what you’ve been working on!

Till next week friends,


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