A New Folder System is Giving Jessie Greater Independence With Her Schedule

We’ve tried different systems in the past, but we’re especially excited about a new tool we implemented this week.  Jessie already keeps up with what’s coming next on the calendar, to the point that it is sometimes frustrating.  She’s always asking or confirming dates and times, and this mama does not like the constant looking things up.  Any others out there?  Can I get an amen?  Giving her more control (she’s ready!) over keeping up with her papers/schedules/invitations in a way that’s easy to manage seems like the perfect solution for both of us.

This little pocket organizer we think will both 1) give her greater independence and 2) help us not lose papers.  It’s her organizer, in her room, for her papers.  I will write scheduled items in my planner and then she can keep the calendar or notice associated with all her activities in its assigned folder.  She is thrilled to be in charge of her stuff!

I found this wall pocket organizer with folders on clearance at Target during the back to school sales. It was some ridiculously great clearance price. It wasn’t something I was looking for I just happened up on it while looking for something else. 

She was excited when we bought it but we were planning to paint her room so we didn’t hang it up right away. Her room is painted now, she got new curtains, we rearranged her furniture, and we have been working on getting things hung on the wall. (I’ll share pics of all the projects we’ve done for her room soon!)

While she was watching tv in the living room,  I surprised her and re-hung her white board and hung this new folder system.  On her whiteboard, she likes to make lists and keep postcards and photos there.  When I called her in to see she squealed and clapped her hands with pure delight. This girl loves some office supplies and organizational tools, just like her mama.

Jessie is pretty much obsessed with her activities. She loves to check the mail, watching for the new calendars listing the month’s schedule for each of her activities. She’s not at all happy either when it’s just bills or junk mail!

Now she has a folder for every activity that she regularly participates in. She also likes to take a picture with her phone so that if we’re out and trying to make plans she always knows what’s already on the schedule.

She is on the Special Olympic swim team and the Special Olympic Gymnastics team. She plays Miracle League Baseball when it’s in season. She participates in a parents night out/special needs respite care program at a local church once a month. She bowls with two separate groups (mostly not scheduled at the same times) and we’re active in our local church.  Whew, that’s a lot.

I feel like I’m still forgetting something; but you can see she’s a pretty busy girl and that’s just the way she likes it. That’s a lot of activities to keep up with on the calendar. But knowing what’s coming up next and excessively planning for it is Jessie’s great joy in life at this moment.

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I’m linking here a couple of very similar systems for you :

We’ve tried a couple of other systems using wall calendars, personal calendars and a folder that I kept all the activities in that she could access.  There are a variety of factors that makes me feel confident this will work better for us.  If we continue to love it like we do so far I’m sure you’ll hear more about it.

Jessie is seeming so much more grown up in every way.  She is speaking more maturely, thinking things out in a more mature way, and taking responsibility for her calendar/schedule is just one more evidence of her growing maturity.

By the time you read this I will be spending part of the day tomorrow with all my kids taking a little one hour road trip on an eye glasses seeking adventure.  We can have fun doing anything together.  Little road trips are just an excuse to eat out.

Hope you’ve had a great week,




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