2 Wreaths (Rosemary and Faux Boxwood) to DIY in 15 Minutes

I had picked up boxwood garland several weeks ago at the Target dollar spot for $3, not knowing exactly what I would do with it.

The $3 garland made 2 wreaths. You just can’t beat that with a stick!

I literally just wrapped it in a circle (it’s wired, think like the way wired ribbon shapes) and tucked the ends in. I shaped it a little to fluff it up That’s it. Doesn’t even sound right to call it a DIY. It might have taken 5 minutes to make each one.

I have wanted pops of greenery everywhere this Christmas season and have been in love with red and white striped ribbon.

I love the simplicity of how these boxwood wreaths turned out.

The 2nd type of wreaths I made is fresh Rosemary wreaths. These were super easy and quick to make too. I made 2 of them within 15-20 minutes.

All you need is a fine floral wire, fresh rosemary (longer pieces work best) and wire cutters or scissors to cut your floral wire.

The longer pieces of rosemary work best, but you can see that the bottom portions of my rosemary were sparse, not a lot of green on the stem. I didn’t want mine to look too woody, I like the look with more leaves, so I cut off the bottom sections where there weren’t many needles/leaves.

I tried making the wreaths 2 different ways. This method is the one that worked best.

I knew I wanted to hang my wreaths on a set of shutters in my my living room. So, I held the wire up to the shutter to eyeball the size I wanted the circle to be. I formed a circle the size I wanted with the floral wire and just wrapped the ends to make it hold together.  You can see the circle of wire in the picture above.  It feels a little flimsy at this point because I used a fine wire (so it wouldn’t show) but that doesn’t matter.

Then I started curving a piece of rosemary around the outer edge of the wire. Cut a long piece of wire and wrap it around the rosemary to hold it onto the circle of wire.

If you use too much wire too close together you’ll smush down the leaves and it will be flat. Mine is a little more flat than I wish it was. So space the wire closely enough to hold, but far enough apart to leave room for the leaves to fluff out.  Next time I won’t use quite as much wire so the pieces can stick out a little more naturally looking.

I would like it my wreaths were a little fluffier, but my rosemary bush was a bit neglected so the bottom of the bush was dry and leaves sparse. If your bush is healthier your wreaths will be even prettier.

I’m loving the simplicity of these two types of wreaths. I’ve wanted to add touches of Christmas to most rooms in the house but didn’t want it to feel cluttered or too fussy. Having some simple greens has helped it not feel too fussy for my taste.

And, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box! I couldn’t find the striped ribbon I wanted in the typical section at Hobby Lobby. I just happened to walk through the gift wrap section and found this fabric ribbon ( it was curled and I ironed it out) sold as gift toppers. It was perfect!

Merry Christmas!

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